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The Needed Attributes To Be A Bartender Many people may be curious about bartending and how to become one. So for their knowledge, I have here some of the requirement skills to become one. 1.Socialization skills You will surely be working with people when you work in a bar. You will encounter different attitudes from different kinds of people. A bartender should be able to talk with ease, should be understanding to customers and should be able to interact with them nicely. So bartenders are believed to have so many acquaintances, friends and connections. So if you are that kind of person who can’t get along to people, may be, you are not for this job.
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The income of a bartender may rely to the tips received from the customers. A great bartender should display big respect and good manners to their customers. So how the bartender show their regards to their customers will either make or break their incomes, depends on how pleased their customers to them by tipping. Every bartender needs to develop the attitude of being kind to customers when serving them and even not. This also means that they need to show goodness even to intoxicating customers who does not deserve to be treated this way. 3.Tolerance Expect the times that the day is not for you. Meaning, you should expect a bad day. Serving alcoholic beverages will surely lead you to intoxicated customers. And for these times, you will need to decide on to stop serving them. If you decide on not giving drinks anymore, you expect violent reactions from them. These customers are those who tests your patience. Be patient enough to understand on their intoxicating conditions. 4.Good condition What bartenders do are not sitting down and relaxing. Expect that this job is a running and walking shift for several hours. So when there are beginners in this job, they will definitely feel numbness in their legs. You may be working night shifts as a bartender. They have the high tendency of acquiring insomnia, depression and abnormal digestion. For this kind of job, you will really need to take care of your body and mind. 5.Bartender skills There is a great misunderstanding about becoming a bartender that includes education. Many are saying that you need to enrol in a bartending school or get an online course to become one. Well, definitely, this is not true. To start working as a bartender, you just need to meet the requirement age and that you will learn the basics on bartending. No need for certifications and licenses for this type of job. Around Los Angeles are a lot of bars and bartending schools if you are interested to see the bartending community.