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Perfecting Dating Through Coaching The art of dating has existed for many years the world over. Research traces seduction to various communities that occupied the world a long time ago. It has been a common theme that at one point there is need for a man to seduce a woman for a sexual relationship. The art of convincing a woman constitutes seduction. Seduction time dictates whether a woman will agree to the relationship or not. It is easy to assume that seduction and dating are easy when in the true sense they are not. To some people dating and seduction in general is not easy. Such persons are usually aided by the provision of dating services. The services come in form of products and services. The coaches ensure that all stages of dating and seduction are addressed. There are several skills that are usually impacted on the learner during training on dating. First of all, flirting and the development of interpersonal skills are taught to the learner. How are these important in dating? Researchers posit that dating starts with flirting. Flirting should however be done with care to achieve happiness. This means that interpersonal skills come in handy to strike the balance between flirting while remaining objective.
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Dating coaches also teach psychology, fashion and aspects of sociology. Psychology helps in understanding the person you intend to date. This is important for it aids the person in choosing the right words to use before and during dating. Dating is also dictated by fashion trends. One therefore needs to use psychology to fit in fashion trends as envisioned by the lady.
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Dating coaching is done in different forums. First of all there are pick up artists also called PUA who usually subscribe to certain beliefs about dating. They call themselves the seduction community. They are basically a movement comprising of men whose main agenda is to perfect their skills of pursuing women for relationship purposes. The use of the internet for focus groups is their best way of operation. The group believes that women have become empowered in the society hence the need to have innovative ways of approaching them. Dating coaches the world over start by teaching their clients on how to approach anxiety. Dating is usually inhibited by anxiety especially in the man. The coaches train men on how to remain as calm as possible when pursuing a woman for a relationship. With fears dispelled, it is easy to move to the next stage of seduction. Without confidence one cannot excite the woman hence being in the danger of annoying her in one way or the other. To teach proper dating PUA uses dating games. Such games are mainly aimed at building confidence in men for an enjoyable dating experience. The games mainly focus on seduction and ways to excite a woman.