5 Tips for Faster Eyelash Growth

It’s every woman’s dream to have fluttery, long eyelashes, but it’s hard to turn those dreams into reality. Other than prescription treatments or lash extensions, most people believe they’re stuck with what they were born with. For those wondering how to grow longer lashes without drastic measures, these eyelash care tips can provide a great place to start.

Take a Hands-Off Approach

It sounds basic, and it is, but rubbing the eyes isn’t a good idea, no matter how good it may feel during allergy season. Not only can vigorous rubbing loosen lashes and make them fall out, but dirty hands can leave dirt, debris, and bacteria in the area, which can clog hair follicles and inhibit lash growth. If the eyes are irritated or itchy, try using clean hands to gently massage the eyelids.

Keep Lashes Clean

Here’s another compelling reason to avoid falling asleep with makeup on. Anything that clogs the hair follicles, including mascara and eyeshadow, can cause lashes to fall out and grow slower. Using hard scrubbing motions to remove waterproof eye makeup can have a similar effect. To remove stubborn makeup, use an oil-based cleanser instead.

Use Oil

Oil isn’t just a good way to remove makeup; certain types can nourish the lashes and encourage growth. Coconut, olive, jojoba and castor oils are all skin-friendly options that can add visible thickness and volume to the lashes with frequent use. Use a clean, disposable mascara brush to apply the oil at bedtime.

Eat a Balanced Diet

A good diet is essential to healthy skin, hair and nails; therefore, it’s only natural that it affects eyelash growth as well. Foods rich in vitamins and protein are best, as most people already know. Eggs and fish are fine sources of lash-friendly nutrients, as are beans, yogurt, and vegetables.

Apply A Lash Growth Mascara or Serum

While leaving it on too long can be risky, there are certain mascara formulations that can provide wearers with enviable, thick, lush lashes with little effort. Mascaras and serums use ingredients like wheat protein and panthenol to improve lash quality and growth rates.

Most women want longer, thicker lashes, but aren’t sure how to get them. However, by following these tips, anyone can have the long lashes they’ve always dreamed of.