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Factors To Consider When Purchasing An Auger

For someone who regularly drill holes, an auger is an essential equipment. In comparison to traditional way of digging holes, using an auger saves both time and energy. You can use the equipment when planting trees and shrubs, but mostly it’s used when putting up fences. They are of particular importance in drilling holes which are not wide. When digging industrial sized holes for construction work, or work by professional companies, larger augers are available. This equipment is composed of many parts which are moving, but parts that do most of the work are the helical shaft and the power head. It is good to put into consideration the following factors when sourcing an auger for work.

You should consider the number of people that support and operate the auger. There are augers that are handled by either one or two people. The small sized augers apply in cases where small holes are needed especially in small project works. In some augers, the design used is where the machine is supported by a tractor or a backhoe in order to operate. in order for the machine to be effective, source for the correct one. It also ensures thoroughness of the job done and safety of individuals operating the machine.

To be also considered is the power head type to be used. What comes after making a choice on the auger to use is the power head to accompany it. Small bits under 12 inches make the use of high-speed power. On the other hand, larger bits utilize the high torque power heads. Another determinant for the type of power head to be used is the drilling ground. A ground that is hard to penetrate require the use of more twisting effect. For softer ground, higher speed is necessary.
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The auger bit size should also be put into consideration. It is determined by the work that needs to be done. The bits come with a diameter of between 6 to 30 inches. Since the 12-inch auger is more common with digging fence posts, it is more popular. Bits that are bigger commonly apply in cases where holes to be used for tree planting are drilled. Extensions can be bought after choosing the width bit. This facilitates the customization of the bit length that has been chosen. The type of the project that is done determines how deep the holes will be sunk.
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Size and strength is a variation. A person should, prior to sourcing for an auger machine, examine the need for which the equipment is required. A person can customize an auger through selection of the desired equipment and its parts. Outdoor projects, through the customizing of the auger equipment, can be achieved. However, the use of an auger equipment for work not fit for can break it down.