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Perfect Barbeque Recipe for The Summer

Summer can become more fun and exciting if you and your family will be out for some barbeque. It would even become more exciting if you are using a new barbeque recipe when summer time is coming. You should not worry about making a new version of barbeque to make things more interesting for you and your family. Due to the sunny weather of summer, you have more time to get together with your family outside your home. There are many new recipes of barbecue this summer so you better try out some them.

Chicken Barbeque

As a starter, you can use chicken slices as your barbeque for the summer. You can use it as patty for your burger to make this more interesting. You can utilize the breast part of the chicken so that you could get the best results for your barbeque.

Simply slice the chicken pieces into smaller slices and dip it in mixed seasonings. The next step will be grilling the chicken on each side for 10 minutes each or until golden brown. Next, mix the pepper and a few slices of kiwi on a small bowl until everything is thoroughly mixed. Then, you need to add mustard cheese on your burger bun after the chicken slices are fully cooked. The chicken sandwich will be ready after you have arranged the chicken and the salsa in between the burger buns.

Grilling Some Corn

You might never heard of grilled corn before but many people already attested that it is a good item for barbeque. You can easily get a good taste of corn barbeque with just a few steps and everyone will definitely enoy it. There are many enjoyable recipes for corn barbeque online and this one can be a good addition.

Put the butter in the blender and start blending until wet. After which, keep it inside a refrigerator until you are ready to use it. Rotate the corn while grilling in order to cook every part of it. After grilling the corn, apply some butter using a small piece of brush.

The Best Desserts During Summer

Summer is the best season for fruits and drinks so you should know what desserts to make for that time.

You should be able to make a dessert that your kids will surely love and get excited of. There are many desserts that can be made using tropical fruits that are readily available during summer.

To make the sweet part of the dessert, create a mixture of milk cream and condensed milk on a small bowl. Mix it thoroughly and pour it in a rectangular container. Using different kinds of fruits, mix it together and freeze to create snow cone flavors.