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People with skin problems visit a dermatologist in order to have the proper treatment after being assessed by a specialist. A skin specialist can either give you a basic acne preventive medication based on his assessment of your skin problem, but there are cases when a more advanced remedy is needed in conditions like acne found in the face stemming from bacterial infection, psoriases found in knees, elbows, and scalp where the skin cells multiply very fast. Or eczema, a kind of skin disorder that is simply caused by an allergenic reaction starting from the food you take or merely contact from a certain fiber.

People with these skin problems need to visit a capable dermatologist so that their condition can be rightly diagnosed and you will be given an explanation why your skin has spots, is dry, or dull in color, and since there are many causes which give the same symptoms, then the specialist will have to determine the right kind of treatment for each case. Make sure you go to a certified dermatologist because if the assessment of the symptoms or the diagnosis is wrong, then you will be given wrong medication which can lead to further skin problems and most costs.

In Chicago, dermatologists are gearing up their equipment as modern technology takes the place of old equipment when it comes to derma cure and skin care so they have the latest fraxel dual resurfacing in replacement of the traditional fraxel apparatus. They do not want to be behind devices to detect skin cancer and its surgical mechanization for its removal. If you visit their website you can check out the monthly programs of the dermatologists.
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The most recent apparatus that is being featured in Chicago is the latest fraxel dual resurfacing. This machins is a laser type that is more sophisticated than its ancestors because it is composed of two lasers with differing wavelengths. This first laser helps to restore skin because its laser deeply penetrates and helps treat different kinds of scars, wrinkles, and it can even treat skin damages caused by too much sun exposure. The second one is used to help remedy pigmentation in the skin especially those who skin color is very dull. Other types of skin pigmentation that can be treated with the second laser includes melasma or the dark discolorations of the skin which can be found mostly in pregnant women who have taken contraceptives or who have undergone hormone replacement therapy, and it can also treat dyspigmentation which is characterized by the abnormal distribution of pigments in different parts of the body .
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There are meny websites on line for dermatology issues where they have a registration portal and where you can request for appointments from dermatologists, view and confirm existing appointments and request for medication.