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Possibly Regrettable Errors a Car Accident Victim Shouldn’t Make

Auto accidents can occur very quickly, sometimes resulting in substantial losses and pain within seconds. Whether you’re at fault or not for the accident, the immediate aftermath is oftentimes tense, making it easy for you to make the wrong move and regret it later.

Below are certain wrong moves you should resist if involved in a car accident, no matter if you or the other party is liable:

Accept Blame
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Never admit liability for a car accident, unless your attorney advises so. Regardless of how hard you’re pressed by the other driver’s insurer, just never claim to think you caused it. You’re not being insensitive here, but simply protecting yourself against possible serious ramifications for liability, including wrongful death prosecution should someone die as a result of the accident. Ok, maybe you’re feeling some guilt because you were texting and not focused exactly the time the accident happened, but what if the other driver is also at fault, and maybe was speeding or driving on the wrong lane?
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Negotiate With the Other Party’s Insurer Without Legal Counsel

Your welfare is protected only when you rely on your personal injury lawyer to engage the other driver’s insurance firm. Honestly, the other insurance company does not care for your best interests even if there’s nothing illegal they’re doing in contacting you without involving your attorney. Happily for you, the law does not need you to say anything to them. Therefore, ensure you’re in communication with your personal injury attorney as swiftly as practical and request them to start safeguarding your concerns going forward.

Hit and Run

It’s a crime to hit and run when a victim has been injured or killed. Thus, regardless of who you think is liable, hang around and share contact information with the victim or property owner, and don’t do anything to escalate an already too serious situation.

Fail to Gather Information From the Site

Obviously, your treatment and wellbeing, depending on how seriously you’re injured in a car accident, should be prioritized. Yet, if possible, capture photos of the accident scene and get witness’ information before going. If there are uninjured passengers, or your attorney can come quickly, they all can help get information that may later help strengthen your case.

When investigating the matter of fault, your lawyer can refer to the information they’re offered by witnesses. The police report is also great to look at as it may corroborate your side of the story.

Try to be calm and not do anything that may jeopardize your position if involved in a car accident. And if confused about what call to make, just call a personal injury lawyer.