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Interesting Facts to Note about Asia Plantation Capital Nature is in great need of help from mankind. Rather than doing all the taking from the environment, man should work to create a symbiotic relationship with nature. As long as man takes care of the land there will be adequate benefit from the land. One of the best things man can do, is to invest in nature. It not only helps with human survival in the short term, it also enables that future generations have an adequate source of livelihood. The Asia Plantation Capital, an incorporation that has been in business for nearly eleven years is a great example of a group of people with a brilliant initiative. An initiative that has seen several agricultural and plantation projects spring up across the globe. Detailed below are three things you ought to know about the APC organization. They Have Projects in Four Out of Seven Continents First off, the organization has been in existence for just a year more than a decade. Nonetheless, in just this shot time, the APC has made some impressive accomplishments. Having started out in the UK, the APC has several projects in four continents at the moment, which is quite inspiring. Some examples of countries where you can find their projects include, Kenya, China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the USA.
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The APC has many enterprises bases around farming and plantations. It has enables the agricultural and forestry industries to successfully acquire land for over ten years. They have been praised by the Pricewaterhousecoopers as one of the leading groups when it comes to nature investment in the area of agriculture and forestry. The company has been able to purchase a variety of plantation leaseholds using its very own funds. They have absolutely changed the way land ownership is perceived by making it available to both large and small investors. The APC plants trees on a daily basis. As a matter of fact the group has planted more than 6 million different types of trees globally. This has helped to fight deforestation, something, which leads to an increase of man’s carbon footprint. By encouraging planting of trees and vegetation, APC has managed to reduce and control the rate of global warming which is a big threat on this planet. They Deal with a Range of Products. Apart from forestry, APC also deals with agricultural development. The group handles different types of goods such as chilies, bamboo, teak, maize, bananas among many more. In addition to this, Asia plantation capital ranks top when it comes to providing Agarwood from Malaysia to other countries around the world. This organization without a doubt has made some impressive strides, having been around for slightly longer than one decade. APC is capable of so much, and thanks to its efforts, the future looks greener.