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Long-term Food Storage Options The expiry date of food can be extended if stays away from air, light, and humidity. Some foods also have to be stored at certain temperatures so they can last longer. Remember that it is not always a good idea to store food in transparent containers as they let in light. When you use some of the following containers, store your food in a dark place to preserve its quality. Air-proof boxes These are the most popular containers for long-term storage of foods that are part of your everyday diet. Such foods do not really require long-term storage but they must be properly stored till they’re exhausted. The best containers in these case include thick, high-quality airtight boxes or those made of stainless steel and plastic lids.
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Keep in mind that no matter if you choose steel or plastic boxes, the container must have a lid as well as a rubber gasket. The gasket is placed around the lid’s rim to make it stay firm on the container, leaving no gap in between. These leak-proof and airtight storage containers are extremely popular for home and camp use.
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Plastic buckets The most recommended food storage containers are buckets made of plastic. While there’s a wide range of options of plastic buckets, only consider pieces that are made from high-density plastic. Also, there are tough and thick yet lightweight options available in beautiful shapes and colors. Again, choose one that’s airtight. Plastic buckets are ideal for storing grains such as beans or wheat and a majority of dry foods. It’s recommended that you don’t use these containers for storing rice or rolled oats. Choose smaller buckets rather than extra large buckets, as they are more convenient in comparison. Zip lock pouches If you’re storing various food items for longer periods of time but in small amounts, zip lock bags could be a perfect storage option. Well, you also should keep in mind that there are many brands that are well-known for their range of airtight pouches. Additionally, zip lock pouches can be stored in buckets or other containers for extra protection. It’s also easy to open and close these pouches to maintain the quality of the remaining food. Zip lock pouches may also help store liquid or dry foods which must be frozen for long-term storage. Many families have this practice of buying food in bulk and then storing it. If you have spent a good sum of money on food, it’s critical that you also invest well in buying high-quality food storage containers to ensure that your food retains its nutritional value as well as quality after a certain time. Make sure you peruse the guidelines to understand several details, including ideal storage temperatures for a variety of wet and dry food items.