3 Hot Dog Recipes for Camping

3 Hot Dog Recipes for Camping

Love hot dogs on an open fire? The following recipes are different versions of this camping classic food.


8 wieners

8 strips of cheese 2 1/2 to 3 inches long x 1/4 inch

8 thin sliced strips of bacon

8 Wiener buns


Cooking forks

Slit lengthwise pockets in 8 wieners, long enough to hold one strip of cheese. Tuck in a strip of cheese into each pocket. Wind a strip of bacon around each wiener so the pocket and cheese are completely covered. Fasten each end of bacon to the wiener with a toothpick. Put each wiener on a cooking fork and bake over hot coals until bacon is cooked. When angel is done remove it from the fork and put in a wiener bun. Take out toothpicks before eating.


Hot dogs


Cheese slices


Cut hot dogs lengthwise but not completely through. Place a slice of cheese in the hot dog where you have cut them; then close hot dog and wrap a piece of bacon strip around each one and put a toothpick in each end to hold dog together. Now put hot dog on a stick and cook over hot coals.


Hot dogs – 2 to 3 per person

Canned biscuits – enough for each hot dog

Fold each piece of foil in half to form an 8×12 inch piece for each hot dog. Flatten biscuit and roll it around each hot dog. Covering all but the ends of the hot dog. Seal hot dogs in foil, allowing room for biscuits to expand. Place each foil package on hot coals. Turn very 3 to 4 minutes. Check one package in 10 minutes. Serve with hot dog sauce, cheese, catsup, mustard or pickle relish. Make a meal with beans and chips.

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