Food Is God


Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god.


Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.

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Pootharekulu: Andhras Delicate Sweet Treat Almost Borders On Art

The nomenclature of dishes can alter the perception of them in the minds of children. It was the same when I was a child; unfortunately, I was quite judgemental about dishes that just didn’t sound cool. Pootharekulu was one of those dishes that I pre-judged. Almost each time my grandmother would return from my paternal […]

Should You Avoid Eating Frozen Food Amid Covid-19? Experts Say No Need

Frozen food will not transmit the virus.As global restrictions ease post the Coronavirus pandemic, a number of new health concerns have begun to spring up. Recent reports stating that Chinese cities had found traces of Coronavirus on a batch of Frozen chicken wings...

Independence Day Special: How To Make 3-Layered Tiranga Pulao At Home

HighlightsIndia would be celebrating 74th Independence Day on 15th AugustOn Independence Day many people like to cook at homeThis holiday weekend, make this special treat at homeWe are all set to celebrate the 74th Independence Day on 15th August 2020. India gained...

Make South Indian-Style Mango Rice (Mavinakayi Nellikai Chitranna) To Bid Adieu To Mangoes

This mango rice recipe is a must-try.HighlightsMango is a summer special fruit, loved by all.Make south Indian mango rice to explore the fruit's flavours.Here is an easy recipe to help you make it at home.While we are elated to embark on the festive season that's...

Uncultured Cafe Shares Its Signature Prawn Manchurian Recipe – Watch Video Inside

HighlightsIndo-Chinese dishes are an all-time hit among allWe hand-picked a restaurant-style prawn manchurian recipe for youThe secret to this scrumptious recipe has been shared by Uncultured CafeThink Chinese food and you instantly start visualising those delectable,...

5 Delicious Recipes For A Wholesome Bengali Lunch

‘Maach, Mangsho Aar Mishti’, for the most part of the country, Bengali food revolves just around these three components: fish, meat and sweets. However, the reality is strikingly different. The ever so rich and varied Bengali goes back thousands of years. Making use of local and seasonal produce, working on the right balance between flavours […]

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Why Do We Overeat While Watching TV? Heres What Experts Say

Gorging on snacks and popcorns while watching television or playing video games is a common phenomenon. While doing so, we end up eating much more food than our appetite. You might think this occurrence to be a mere habit; but trust us, there’s science behind it! A new research from the University of Sussex has […]

How To Make A Crisp Guilt-Free Barbecue Chicken At Home

You can use a microwave to prepare barbecue chicken at home.HighlightsBarbecue chicken makes for a yummy evening dinnerSmoky, tangy and absolutely delicious, one can prepare it at home tooHere is a guilt-free BBQ chicken recipe you can try at homeBarbecue is one of...

Quick Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Maharashtrian-Style Dadpe Poha In 10 Minutes

HighlightsPoha is the go-to breakfast option for several people across IndiaIn Maharashtra, poha holds a firm place in the state's food cultureDadpe poha is raw poha mixed with coconut, onion, coriander, lemon juicePoha (or flattened rice) is the go-to breakfast...

These Piri Piri Prawns By Uncultured Cafe Are a True Party-Starter, Tried It Yet?

HighlightsPrawns are very easy to cookPrawns cane be made in many waysTo cook piri piri prawns you would need a handful of spicesLet's admit it. Now, that most of us are spending so much time at home, we have to make peace with the fact that we cannot just drive to...

Fried Fish Snack: Uncultured Restaurant Shared Their Butter Garlic Sliced Fish Recipe – Watch It Here

Fried fish recipe: Butter garlic sliced fish is a must-try.HighlightsFried fish is something almost each one of us enjoys eating.We have a chef-special recipe of butter garlic sliced fish for you.Watch the recipe video to make it at home.Soft, fleshy fish makes for a...