Made With Dhuli Moong Dal And Oodles Of Ghee, This UP-Style Choorie-Ka Paratha Spells Indulgence

Uttar Pradesh is one of India’s largest provinces. It also happens to have a history that goes back thousands of years in time. It has seen prosperous kingdoms and survived goriest of battles. Whilst speaking of Uttar Pradesh’s history, you cannot overlook the rich food it is popular for. From kababs, kachoris and kulfi to chaat, the variegated gastronomy¬†of Uttar Pradesh fills us with awe and surprise each time. One such popular breakfast delicacies is choorie ka paratha. It is a flaky flat bread made with wheat flour (or atta), stuffed with soaked dhuli moong dal. It is made in ghee, and lots of it. It is also known as bedmi paratha in some parts of North India. Choorie paratha is also immensely popular in Rajasthan, wherein they also mix a handful of spices in the dal mixture.

In this recipe of choorie paratha, you would have to take the lentils or dhuli moong dal and powder them using mixer or grinder, and soak the powder in warm water for a few hours, until it becomes a damp but fine mixture of dal. You can also mix some spices with it. Prepare dough with the help of ghee, wheat flour and the soaked lentil mixture. Make a nice and firm dough and proceed to make the parathas like you would prepare the varki parathas; for the unversed, here is a recipe. Roll the parathas in round shape, and cook them in ghee; cook evenly on both sides until they are brown.

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This choori ka paratha makes for a nice, lazy Sunday breakfast

This choori ka paratha makes for a nice, lazy Sunday breakfast. It is indulgent, filling and spells decadence. If you are worried about the content of ghee, you can reduce the amount as per your liking. And also note that according to many nutritionists, ghee is said to be a much healthier fat in comparison to hydrogenated oils. Even whole wheat flour atta is a better pick than refined flour or maida. You can pair this choorie ka paratha with kaddu ki sabzi, aloo ki sabzi, pickle or chutney. It is so wholesome, that you can have it all by itself too.

Here is a step-by-step recipe of making choori ka paratha.

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