The 1 Million Dollar Question About Weight Loss Shakes – Do Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight?

With obesity at an epidemic high, and numerous efforts to lose weight becoming a worldwide trend, we all want to know about the ever popular weight loss shake. Does it really work? Can protein shakes REALLY help you lose weight? Hmm…
Let’s start by looking at what protein is and what it does. Well, first of all most protein shakes consist of two popular sources… soy and/or whey protein. Both of which has its own advantages. The protein from soy is plant-based, and is overall easily digestible. Whereas the protein from whey is milk based and is quickly absorbed. Now although it’s not in your system for long it’s awesome to drink after your powerhouse workout! Protein is key for building muscle and muscle burns calories! Muscle even burns calories when you’re in rest mode. As we all know, burning calories is a great way to lose weight!… So far, we’re off to a good start!

So Why Protein Shakes?

Simply put, protein shakes for weight loss are easy, quick, and great for when you’re on the go. They’re nutritious and can be quite tasty… and oh how wonderfully creative AND healthy they can be! They are a great morning meal replacement. A lot of us have one of two tendencies… we either skip breakfast, which is such an incredibly counter-productive thing to do if you are serious about losing weight. Or, we have a tendency to eat as if we’ll never have breakfast again, and the content is usually extremely fattening, extremely high in sodium, high in calories and very decadent. I know, I know… we love the taste of strawberry syrup and waffles! So, kick-starting your day with a mega blast of low-calorie proper nutrition in a convenient protein shake can help your levels of energy, eliminate those extra unwanted calories, all while helping our bodies replace fat with calorie butt-kicking muscles. The overall beauty of protein shakes is that they can be filling, nutritious and delicious. Imagine that; it tastes great and you lose weight!

Although this is certainly great news, we all must simply “Keep It Real”… we have to eat nutritious meals, exercise, drink PLENTY of water and give our bodies enough rest. I recommend eating 5 to 6 meals a day and 2 or 3 small HEALTHY snacks in between. Replacing 1 or 2 of those meals with a tasty shake that is rich in nutrients, usually is low calories can really contribute to weight loss.

Is Balance Really Important?

The answer is a resounding YES!!!! Let’s face it. Everyone’s weight loss goal should be about HEALTHY weight loss. And solely consuming extremely high amounts of protein WITHOUT the proper amounts of other nutrients and, yes, even carbohydrates can adversely affect your body. And too much protein can be quite harmful to your kidneys. So just be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. FRESH fruits and vegetables, that is. I also recommend that your protein shake be rich in vitamins and minerals.

In summation,… with commitment, wisdom, and a few great shake recipes, you can be well on your way to losing weight. So here’s to you and your weight loss shake! Go ahead… shake yourself skinny!

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