This Couple From England Exchanges ‘Onion Rings’ After Their Wedding Plans Got Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Threats

Food is one of the three basic necessities of life (other than clothes and house). It has always proved to be one of the best resorts for people undergoing stress and several other issues. Good food never fails to work as a stress buster and uplift one’s mood. In the present situation, when almost the whole world is practicing quarantine due to Covid-19 threats, people have been seen indulging in cooking several types of food, both for necessity and entertainment. But here we have a couple, who takes the importance of food to another level!

Adam Woods and Laura Acton – a couple from England – were all set to tie the knots when strict norms of social distancing were imposed in the country. In such a situation, instead of cancelling their wedding plans, the two turned it to be in their way. As per a report in ANI, instead of getting bogged down by the crisis, the two took help of onion rings.

The report stated, when Adam and Laura’s wedding venue got closed due to imposition of strict social distancing policies, the couple decided to head to Liverpool, the destination they planned for honeymoon. On their way, the two stopped by at a Burger King outlet and ordered some onion rings. Adam then decided to make the most of it and instantly planned to exchange onion rings with his bride-to-be.

Laura, according to the ANI report, said that Adam, after returning back to the car with onion rings, told her, “We can still exchange rings. You just had to laugh”.

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