Watermelon Benefits: Want A Flawless Skin? This Juicy Summer Fruit May Help


  • Watermelon is a summer fruit
  • About 95 percent of watermelon is just water
  • Watermelon is plump with antioxidants

The summers are here, and so are the juicy, plump summer fruits we have waited so long for. Mango, berries, watermelon, peaches and litchi, there’s so many of them that it is often hard to pick a favourite. However, we must confess that we do have a soft corner for watermelon. Sweet and delectable, watermelons are from melon family. It has a green rind and scarlet red pulp that is embossed with blackish-brown seeds. It is a task to cut a watermelon, but you know the effort is all worth it. A perfect blend of flavour and nutrition, watermelon is one of the oldest fruits known to mankind. According to the book Healing Foods by DK Publishing House, citrulline, an important amino acid found in the flesh of watermelons, can stimulate the production of nitric oxide which regulates blood pressure and enhances blood flow. It is exceptionally low in calories – if you are craving sugar, you can just tuck in a piece of watermelon and appease their cravings without excess calorie load. The summer wonder can also be very effective for your skin health. How you ask? Here are a few reasons:

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  • About 95 percent of watermelon is just water, which helps nourish your skin and make it radiant from within.
  • Watermelon is plump with antioxidants such as vitamin C, lycopene and vitamin A, that helps fight free radical activity. When an oxygen atom splits into unpaired single electrons, known as free radicals. These radicals try to pair up and cause oxidative damage to your body, which could take a toll on skin, immunity and overall health.
  • Vitamin C also helps build collagen,that helps make your skin supple and young.

If you are wondering how exactly can you make most of watermelon this season, here are some suggestions that could come in handy.

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1. You can include it in salads watermelon and feta salad is one of the most loved salads across the world. The sweet taste of watermelon blends well with creamy feta.
2. You can include water melon in juices and smoothies. Examples of which are cited below.
3. You can also prepare this chilled watermelon soup.
So make sure you have enough of this summer staple this season, but make sure you do not overdo it. Overconsumption of watermelon is linked to bloating, indigestion and flatulence.

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