18 Best Twitter Reactions to Ina Garten’s Quarantine Cocktail

  • Barefoot Contessa author and TV host Ina Garten took to Instagram today to teach her fans and followers how to properly prepare a classic Cosmopolitan cocktail—around 6:00 this morning.
  • Twitter quickly became obsessed with the clip and Garten’s tutorial, inspiring a slew of memes celebrating the cookbook author’s unabashed desire for a stiff drink.

    If there’s anyone whose opinion we trust on how to stay sane while self-quarantining at home in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s that of Ina Garten. So when the Barefoot Contessa author says it’s time for a cocktail at the fresh hour of 6:00 a.m., we say, “Cheers!”

    Garten has been sharing her fair share of recipes and at-home cooking tips while remaining self-quarantined at her Hamptons home. Over the last few weeks, she’s shared tutorials for how to make breakfast frittatas, ramen chicken noodle soup, and broccoli and bow-tie pasta. But today, Garten was in need of something a bit stronger. Our girl—like many of us currently—was in need of a cocktail.

    The food connoisseur’s early morning thirst led to an impromptu mixology lesson, during which she taught her 2.2 million Instagram followers how to properly prepare a classic Cosmopolitan.

    “During these stressful times, it’s really important to keep traditions alive. My favorite tradition is the cocktail hour. I like to make a lot of Cosmos since you never know who’s going to stop by,” the television host says in the clip. “Wait a minute, no one’s stopping by,” she quips.

    The filmed tutorial quickly inspired a slew of memes and tweets celebrating Garten’s unabashed need for a stiff libation. Though Garten has never shied away from enjoying a glass of wine during the more than 275 episodes of her classic cooking show, Barefoot Contessa, fans have never seen Garten in such an unapologetic, slightly frazzled, and restless manner. Garten may be going a bit stir crazy like the rest of us during this period of quarantine, but if anything, her restlessness is serving us the exact type of content we need to make it through.

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