3 Easy-To-Make Sandwich Recipes That Will Satiate Your Hunger Pangs


  • Sandwich is a sure shot way to satiate hunger and cravings
  • quick, easy and wholesome, you can literall stuff it with anything
  • Here are 3 sandwich recipes that you can easily try at home

Haven’t we all been guilty of having those untimely hunger pangs? Either during the day when lunch time is a bit far and breakfast has settled in, or in the early evening hours when dinner is far to be seen. And while we know there are alternatives, we give in to the tempting fried and greasy dishes that call out to us. But do we really have an alternative? Guess we do! Sandwich is one such quintessential snack that solves it all. Quick, easy and wholesome, a sandwich makes for a perfect cure to those evening snack cravings that we simply cannot resist.

What’s more? There is no fixed recipe of a sandwich. You can simply stuff anything between the slices and invent a new recipe of your own! Or even go for classic like chicken, cheese or veggies. We’ve got three not-so-common yet easy sandwich recipes that you might love and try at home.

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1. Leftover Pasta Sandwich

If you are a fan of pasta, this sandwich would definitely make you drool! Got some leftover pasta? Simply stuff it between bread slices along with some mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, olives and other veggies of your choice, toast it over the pan and voila! A super easy, quick and irresistibly delicious sandwich is ready to be devoured. Pasta torta or pasta sandwich is also perfect to pack for your kid’s tiffin. Find the recipe here.

2. Buckwheat Blini Sandwich

A super healthy and wholesome sandwich to satiate your hunger! Blinis are small pancakes usually made of buckwheat. In this recipe, cooked blinis are topped with flavourful mix of chopped beetroot, crunchy walnuts and spices along with feta leaves. With a healthy treat such as this, your snack time couldn’t get any better!¬†Find the recipe here.


Here is a sandwich recipe that is a great balance of tangy and sweet stuffed between bread slices. Sweet relish sandwich is all about subtle flavours of jaggery, lime juice, apple, tomatoes, garlic and mustard. Find the recipe here.

Try these sandwich recipes at home the next time hunger strikes and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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