3 Sugar-Free Cookie Recipes You Can Try At Home To Satiate Cravings

Just a whiff of freshly baked cookies can get you hooked for life.


  • Cookies are perfect to nosh during hunger pangs
  • They also come with a whole lot of sweetness
  • Here are 3 sugar-free cookies that you can try at home when craving some

Crunchy, gooey and absolutely delicious, freshly-baked cookies are always a delight to relish. While dunking a crisp cooking in our piping hot cup of tea, we often end up noshing way too many of them. And with so many sweet cookies, come excess of sugar that might end up being at the wrong side of your health. If only cookies could sneak in some nutrition besides being absolutely free of sugar yet retaining the delightful taste. Asking for too much, are we? But you’d be happy to know that this is possible!

While you would picture a cookie to be all buttery and full of refined sugar, here we have 3 easy, quick, sugar-free cookies that are nothing but delicious and healthy.

Here Are 3 Sugar-Free Cookie Recipes That You Can Make At Home:

1. Ragi Cookies

Packed with protein and fibre, these cookies made with the goodness of ragi are healthy and guilt-free. Ragi flour and cardamom powder are roasted together and combined with ginger, oil, baking powder and egg. Made into round balls, these cookies are baked to perfection. Find the recipe here.

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2. Spicy Guava Cookies

Who said cookies need to be just sweet and buttery? Instead why can’t it be a little spicy and crunchy? Spicy guava cookies are a perfect balance of health and taste! Flavoured with guava essence, masalas and chillies combined with custard powder and flour, these cookies aare perfect to be your tea-time treat. Find the recipe here.

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3. Cashew Nut Cookies

Cashews are creamy and nutty, and make for amazing baking ingredients. Made absolutely sugar-free, this cookie recipe is incredibly healthy with oats, cashews, flax or chia seeds and yogurt making it rich in protein, fibre and antioxidants. Find the recipe here.

These sugar-free cookies are perfect to accompany your evening cup of tea. Try these at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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