A MUM who weighed over 30 STONE revealed how she used to gorge on 4,000 calories-a-day with her diet of takeaway kebabs and TRAYS of desserts.

Appearing on Channel 4’s Britain’s Fattest People, Samantha, from Hartlepool, explained how she grazed on high calories all day while her husband Keith would cater to her cravings with late night orders.


Mum-of-three Samantha was classified as super morbidly obeseCredit: Channel 4

In September 2019, the 35-year-old mum-of-three – who was classified as super morbidly obese – said she felt too ashamed to leave the house and had shut herself away over the past three years.

“I did used to love my home,” she said. “But it’s a prison to me.

“Sometimes I just don’t want to answer my phone, let alone answer the door. Everything is just becoming too much for me now. I’m only 35 but I feel like I’m 90.”

On days when Keith is working at the bakery, Samantha would snack constantly and always ordered a takeaway for lunch.

Her husband would cater to her requests for food


Her husband would cater to her requests for foodCredit: Channel 4
She referred to crisps as her 'demons'


She referred to crisps as her ‘demons’Credit: Channel 4

What’s more, the mum also claims she was addicted to crisps and husband Keith would often give her TRAYS of puddings as well as ice cream comes and chocolates in bed.

Describing how she’d previously been branded a “fat monster”, Samantha continued: “I’m out of control and I wouldn’t be overweight like I am if I wasn’t.”

“I can’t blame my husband or anybody else because I know I did the damage and I put the food in my mouth.”

“Sammy was my first girlfriend and my first love,” Keith said. “I’m there for her all the time – what she wants and what she needs.”

As a result of her weight, Samantha struggled to move around her home and the only time she would ever go out was to visit her mum Julie’s house.

Samantha said 'food became a comfort' when she was going through a break up


Samantha said ‘food became a comfort’ when she was going through a break upCredit: Channel 4

Julie said her daughter never had any issues with food as a child – but noticed Samantha started to pile on the pounds when she split up with her eldest daughter’s father aged 18.

Samantha said: “Food became a comfort for me. It became my friend. The more food I could eat, the better I felt.”

Fighting back tears, Julie said: “It’s heartbreaking. It’s awful to watch my daughter suffering the way she is. It’s an eating disorder, isn’t it? 

“Her health is deteriorating in other ways. My biggest fear is having to bury my daughter.”

Food became a comfort for me. It became my friend. The more food I could eat, the better I felt

However, the prospect of becoming a grandmother for the first time is what inspired Samantha to turn her life around.

The mum-of-three also suffered with severe headaches caused by intercranial hypertension which could also be linked to her weight.

After meeting with a surgeon, Samantha was told she needed to lose at least 5kg to have her stomach operated on – which involved reducing her daily calorie intake to 1,000.

As crisps were banned in the household, Samantha said: “My emotions are up and down. It’s frustrating one minute and the next it’s, ‘Come on we can do this.'”

She lost a whopping eight stone thanks to weight loss surgery


She lost a whopping eight stone thanks to weight loss surgeryCredit: Channel 4

In the first few weeks, Keith revealed that the couple had fought when Samantha “fell off the bandwagon” and had a chicken kebab, chocolates and a few drinks.

However, she turned it around again by restricting her calories to 800 a day and managed to lose an impressive 10lbs in four weeks.

A year later in 2020, Samantha had lost a whopping eight stone – which was nearly a quarter of her starting weight – and dropped from a size 32 to 22.

She added: “I’m absolutely blown away by the weight I’ve lost. It’s crackers.

“I’m changing all the time. It’s not just on the scales you see your victories, it’s how you look and how you feel.”

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