5 Fun Ways To Add Raisins To Your Breakfast Diet


  • Raisins are dubbed to be rich in various nutrients
  • They are also considered to be store-house of natural sugar
  • Add raisins to your breakfast meals to avoid sugar

Raise your hand if you are one of those who eat all the raisins from a dry-fruit box! Yes, there’s something about these tiny delights which make them addictive, especially for the ones who have sweet-tooth. Popularly known as ‘kishmish’, they are made of grapes and are golden, green or blackish in colour. Raisins are generally used as toppings for various Indian dishes like kheer, barfi, fruit shakes et al. Other than adding sweetness and texture to different food items, raisins are also dubbed to be rich in various nutrients like vitamin C, iron, calcium etc. They are also considered to be store-house of natural sugar, hence can replace the common sugar in various morning meals, making the dish healthier.

Health Benefits Of Raisins:

Due to their natural sugar content, raisins are capable of curbing your sweet cravings, sans adding any extra calorie to your body. Hence raisins can be considered as a good addition to your weight loss diet. They are also rich in antioxidants and can work as instant energy booster. Raisins are also stated to be good for bone-health, regulating blood sugar and aiding digestion.

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raisins 620x350Overnight soaking of raisins is touted to have some additional health benefits

Here Are 5 Fun Ways To Add Raisins To Your Breakfast Meals To Avoid Sugar:

  • You can make protein-rich omelette with some raisins added to it. All you need to do is whisk 4 egg whites with half teaspoon salt till it turns frothy. Then cook it, with some raisins added to it. This adds crunch and some texture to the fluffy omelette.

  • You can make your breakfast smoothies and shakes with raisins. Instead of adding as topping, you can simply blend with other ingredients to make the dish taste sweet.

  • You can use raisins as topping to you morning cereals or oatmeal porridge to add crunch and sweetness to the dish.
  • We all know adding peanuts in poha is a common phenomenon. But have your tried raisins in poha? Trust us, addition of raisins in the poha recipe make the dish tastier (sweet-salty taste)!
  • You can have some over-night soaked raisins and nuts in the morning along with breakfast. Consumption of over-night soaked dry-fruits has always been considered to be a healthy food habit by several experts.


We generally tend to have raisins in their raw form, but health experts suggest, soaking them in water over-night and then consuming next morning is a healthier option. Overnight soaking is touted to have some additional health benefits. As per Bangalore-based Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood, the amount of vitamins and minerals that are present in the outer skin of raisins get dissolved with overnight soaking, making them more nutritional for the body.

Hence, consider using over-night soaked raisins in your breakfast meals instead of sugar and give a healthy start to the day. Enjoy!

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