5 Hygiene Tips To Practice While Buying And Eating Fruits During Lockdown

5 Hygiene Tips To Practice While Buying And Eating Fruits During Lockdown

Fruits should be rinsed with water before consumption

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative that we do our bit to stop the chain of infection.  It is ideal to stay home, have a healthy diet and practice good hygiene. However hygiene doesn’t end at washing hands and keeping ourselves clean, we also need to practice some hygiene for the fruits we consume. We mostly purchase farm produce from the local markets or nearby stores and these places are highly exposed to a large crowd. Therefore, the fruits you purchase require special attention in view of the current situation. So here’s a quick overview of things you need to keep in mind while buying fruits:

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  • Pick what’s packed – You would want to focus a little more on the origins of the fruit and where it comes from! So a safe way out is to consider buying packed/branded fruits as they come with quality checks and proper hygiene.
  • Opt for thick peels – Certainly, it’s ideal to avoid fruits with a thin peel during these times. Opting for fruits with a thick peel will ensure double safety. Banana and Pomegranates are good examples and are also great for immunity.
  • Wash them well – You must have taken all the measures but do not miss out on the most essential step! Unpack your fruits and wash them thoroughly as soon as you get it home. Store them in a clean bowl to mark high on hygiene.
  • Cut it out – Even after carefully picking your fruits, you might find small marks and pigmentation. Make sure you cut them with a clean kitchen knife, and watch out for them.
  • Eat it fresh – Consume your fruits while they’re fresh! One of the ways in which you can fight the virus is through strong immunity. So include fruits in your diet at regular intervals which rank high on boosting immunity.
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Fruits could help boost immunity naturally

As we are bound to turn towards a healthy diet, ensuring these simple steps can save you from potential health hazards. So stay safe and eat fresh!

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