If you’re a convert to meatless eating or are simply trying to get more nutrients into your diet, having a roster of easy vegetarian recipes on hand makes it faster to get dinner on the table. But going the vegetarian route doesn’t have to mean endless healthy salads recipes and tons of soy products, either. Those can play a part (hello, crispy pan-fried tofu!), but the appeal of turning to vegetarian dinner ideas, if only for a single meal out of the week, is that there are so many healthy possibilities that go beyond the boring.

A perfect vegetarian meal should be well balanced, both in nutrition and flavor, and satisfying enough that you’re not left craving something else. A few pointers: Stock your pantry with grains that have health benefits, such as barley or farro and protein-packed pulses such as lentils and chickpeas. (Make weeknight dinners and lunches even easier and check out these tricks for how to meal prep the heck out of those pantry picks.) Stash a few plant-based meats in your freezer, if that’s your thing — see our picks for best meat-substitutes. Then, fill your fridge with a rainbow of veg and fruit options for added nutrients and flavor. Your meatless menus will be effortless, filling, and so downright delicious that even the biggest meat-lover at the table will beg for seconds.