It’s been quite a year for the noble Peep. Not only have they introduced an entirely out-of-their-wheelhouse spring line, but they’ve also gone above and beyond with non-edible products, like this Peeps-scened nail polish that’s currently available at Target. In a more traditional (?) return to their roots, the candy recently partnered with 7-Eleven to bring you the Peeps Marshmallow Latte, an entirely sip-able delight exclusive to the convenience store.

The drink was reported on yesterday by food ‘grammer @SnackGator who gave the internet the full run-down, including the fact that while it’s super exciting such a latte exists, it’s likely you’re not able to get your hands on it at every 7-Eleven outpost just yet.

If the latte is available at your local store, “note that 7-Eleven recently updated their COVID-19 plan, and depending on the manager of the store, the cup policy will differ,” the account explains: “Even though corporate put out a statement, the different stores are implementing it as they see fit. Just ask the manager at your store about personal and single use cups if the signs aren’t present.”

Oh, and I’m sorry, did you want to know about the taste of this bright yellow coffee drink? It’s apparently a flavor “kicked up a notch” from the recently released Peeps Slurpee, and, per the 7-Eleven x Peeps signage, is the “cutest, sweetest, yellowest, marshmallowiest latte you’ve ever had.”

You know what to do: Call ahead to your fav 7-Eleven, check in on the product’s availability extremely politely with the employee you speak to, roll on up to the store in a safe and socially distant way, secure yourself a neon yellow coffee, say “please” and “thank you” in the process, crush the cup in a matter of seconds, and return home to self-isolation whilst dreaming of happier times to come. Just clarifying, in case you really weren’t sure!

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