7-Eleven Opened A Chicken Restaurant Called Raise The Roost

Right when you thought the chicken sandwich wars were winding down, 7-Eleven throws their hat into the ring. 7-Eleven opened a chicken and biscuit restaurant called “Raise the Roost” and the chicken sandwiches coming out of it look amazing.

Last fall, 7-Eleven announced that they were opening more upscale dining options. One of the restaurant innovations opened up in Dallas, and it offered sit down dining and served alcohol. This chicken joint is another one of those in-store restaurants and it’s located in Manhattan at 88 Greenwich Street.

Raise the Roost’s menu is Southern-inspired. According to Food & Wine, its tagline is “Chicken Worth Crossing the Road For.” The menu includes breaded chicken tenders, bone-in and boneless wings, chicken sandwiches, and breakfast sandwiches. If you’re not sure about chicken sandwiches for breakfast, Wendy’s and McDonald’s are doing it, so it’s officially A Thing!

The food is available in a grab-and-go style or as made-to-order meals. Although the main appeal of Raise the Roost is obviously its chicken items, there will be tons of other specialty offerings that you can’t find at any old 7-Eleven. You can choose between specialty drinks, self-serve coffee, novelty beverages available on tap, frozen yogurt and ice cream, as well as mobile checkout and delivery for convenience.

Raise the Roost is the first 7-Eleven restaurant concept focused on chicken, but it seems that they are planning to open up more locations across the country. There are taco restaurants in Washington, D.C. and San Diego as well, so only time will tell where else Raise the Roost lands.

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