7 Fun And Easy Recipes Kids Can Make At Home


  • Keeping the kids busy at home can be a task
  • You can make them cook a little in the kitchen too
  • Here are 7 easy recipes that your kids can cook too at home

With the Coronavirus crisis spreading throughout the world, India has come under a lockdown for 21 days that started from 25th March, 2020. And this has left the kids at home with very little of productive activities as many of the parents are working from home and the kids can’t go out. So what can you do to keep them engaged after everything from books to indoor games are exhausted? We suggest, cook! No we aren’t asking you to make your little ones cook a full-fledged lunch in the kitchen but there are a plenty of simple, fun and delicious dishes that even your kids can help you making them at home.

We have got 7 kid-friendly recipes that are not just easy but also too delicious to resist. With a little supervision and help from you, these recipes can easily keep the kids busy. Don’ worry there won’t be storm in your kitchen!

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1. Fruit Custard

The good old custard with the goodness of fresh fruits like grapes, bananas and apples! It has just some boiled milk mixed with custard powder and sugar, whisked and topped with the fruits. It’s a delightful dessert that you can relish post a meal.

2. Homemade Chicken Sandwich

Is there anything more satisfying than a loaded sandwich stuffed with juicy chicken chunks? Here is a super easy one with the flavourful addition of mayonnaise and pepper. You can help chop some lettuce and capsicum for the kids!

3. Mac n Cheese

Yes, even kids can make this ultimate comfort food at home! This recipe of mac and cheese requires just three basic ingredients, a microwave and you can enjoy a bowl of this deliciousness in four simple steps.


4. Chicken Burger

Who can ever resist a juicy, succulent chicken burger? Well, no need to order in when we have a simple, quick and delicious recipe here! A satiating evening snack, this chicken burger has a flavurful, minced chicken tikki stuffed between buttered buns. With a little supervision and help, kids can ace this chicken burger in the kitchen.


5. Mixed Berry And Banana Smoothie

Wholesome goodness of frozen berries, banana, yogurt and a tang of orange juice makes for this stellar vibrant smoothie. It is a great breakfast, brunch or evening drink that can satiate you for long along with providing many health benefits that come with the citrusy fruits.

6. Pancakes

Make your breakfasts all the more delicious with a plateful of fluffy pancakes topped with some maple syrup and berries! Slurping already? If you thought making pancakes ws a cumbersome affair, here is a quick and easy recipe with minimal cooking and ingredients. The kids are going to be so proud after devouring some self-made ones!

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7. Omelette In A Mug

Lets’ give the good old omelette a spin with this fun mug recipe! Oodles of cheese, egg, pepper, salt and bell peppers, combined together in a mug and cooked in a microwave until the egg sets, voila! Topped with cheese, this recipe is going to be a lot of fun for the kids!

Make sure to supervise a little in the recipes that requires even little cooking. These fun recipes are sure to keep the kids engaged in learning something new and would help you sail through the quarantine at home. Try these with kids and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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