A Comparison of Three Coffee Brands – Miscela D’Oro, Millstone and Lavazza

Anyone who loves coffee will know that there is coffee and then there is gourmet coffee. There are many brands, and three of the most popular are Miscela D’Oro, Millstone and Lavazza. Each has its pros and cons as to what makes it the brew of choice for some and not for others. The two main areas of comparison are taste and price.

Miscela D’Oro is known as one of the best brews of Italian coffee on the market. The product can be purchased pre-ground, as whole beans or espresso pods. Espresso pods are created especially for use in ESE espresso makers.

Like Lavazza, most types of Miscela D’Oro coffee are a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Of course, the company also has its 100 percent Arabica coffee as well for those who don’t favor the Arabica-Robusta blends. Arabica provides a milder flavor and less caffeine than Robusta blends. The beans used are acquired from a number of regions such as Africa, Asia and South and Central America.

Lavazza’s line of grounded or espresso is ideal for coffee drinkers who like the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee just before they consume it. One of the interesting things about Lavazza is that they were the first company to create different blends of coffee using beans from various countries or locations.

The beans used to create the flavor and scent of Lavazza blends are from South America or Africa. The espresso is made from either Arabica and Robusta beans combined or 100 percent Arabica alone. Like some other gourmet coffee companies, Lavazza also creates specific machines to brew their espressos in.

The beans that make up the Lavazza line come from a number of locations including South America and Africa. Its blend of African with Arabica ranks highly among even the most discerning coffee drinkers.

The ever-popular Millstone coffee comes in a number of varieties, namely organic, flavored, roasted and decaffeinated. This ensures that there is something for every type of gourmet coffee lover. Millstone also prides itself on being able to suit just about every taste. The company uses a particular species of Arabica bean grown in locations like Indonesia, Hawaii, the Caribbean and South and Central America. The seeds are specially selected and the plants are well cared for year round. Only a small portion of the large number of Arabica beans grown around the world meets Millstone’s high standards.

Robusta coffee plants require less care than the Arabica variety. This is due to the fact that after they have ripened, Robusta beans remain on the plant, while Arabica beans fall off. This is what makes it necessary for the extra attention given to the Arabica plants. The beans must be periodically picked to prevent them from being wasted.

People who frequent coffee shops will find they mostly use the Arabica beans. For those who prefer the Robusta variety it can generally be found in supermarkets. The Arabica coffee tends to have a more delicate taste, while the Robusta, is stronger and has more caffeine content. Typically, Arabica is described as having a richer taste than Robusta.

The Miscela d’Oro and Lavazza coffee blends go for slightly higher prices than Millstone products. Side by side comparisons are difficult based on the wide variety of options offered by each. For those who like the taste of freshly ground coffee, any of these three have suitable offerings.

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