A Dieter’s Low Carb Pasta

A Dieter’s Low Carb Pasta

The Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet are some of the most popular diets in the world. The centers of these diets are low carbohydrate foods. These includes whole wheat bread and low carb pasta. These foods actually allow adequate amounts of food to be eaten without compromising weight loss. You can find foods like low carb pasta, sauces, candy, and even beers that are offering weight loss promises.

For example, there was an Italian person and he wanted to lose weight so he decided to join in on the fun of people who have embraced the low carbohydrate lifestyle. At once, he thought of changing his food choices. This includes the Italian staple-pasta. However, this would be very difficult for him. Pasta is a way of life for Italian people. Instead of completely replacing pasta as his food source, he modified it. He looked for a different kind of pasta. To make his pasta more forgiving, he changed the recipe. He made low carb pasta through changing the process by which he makes his pasta. He cooks fresh vegetables that are in season in tomato sauce that is light. He also loves clam linguine. Sometimes he does it simple and only puts olive oil and a little bit of Parmesan cheese.

An example of these is Dreamfield’s pasta. There are other pastas like Dreamfield’s. You might read through reviews or do a taste test yourself. Unlike other diet pastas which taste like cardboard and so, these pastas can be cooked perfectly al dente. They do not differ in any way from the normal kind of pasta. As my friend would say, these diet pastas taste so much like the real thing. Children would even love this kind of pasta, and you know how picky the taste of children is.

In terms of nutritional value, 7 ounces of this kind of pasta contain a total of 170 calories and some 30 grams of protein. There are 3 grams of fiber in addition to 7 grams of carb. The good thing about these pastas is that they are wholesome. They are very high in fiber yet very forgiving on the glycemic index. This sounds perfectly fine for those who are suffering diabetics. A lot of these products also have a rich amount of probiotic fibers. These fibers are the same ones that are found in garlic and asparagus. You might do well choosing this kind of pasta for soups and salads. There are also plenty of shapes. In addition to pastas that are low in carbohydrates, there is also a wide selection of low carb sauces which support them.

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