A Family Recreated Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride At Home

The Disney parks have been closed for a few weeks now amid the global coronavirus pandemic, and with people also stuck inside due to social distancing, Disney-loving families have had to make their own fun. For some, that simply means streaming an animated classic on Disney+, or maybe watching a YouTube video of one of the rides, but one family took it many steps further by recreating an iconic Disney attraction in their own home.

The Thornock family is currently delighting the internet with their recreation of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride. In the roughly minute-and-a-half-long video, the family recreates some of the most well-known moments from the ride, like the first waterfall (which shows them riding down the stairs in a sled, which, uh, be careful!) to a female pirate chasing a male pirate with a broom. It’s all there and it’s brilliantly chaotic.

Of course, people instantly fell in love with the family’s creativity: “Good form Maties! Quarantine bringing out the creativity and comic relief in some folks. Thanks for the laughs today. We need them,” one person wrote. “This is the BEST video ever!!! I can’t stop laughing,” another said.

Brin Thornock, the family’s second-oldest daughter, told Syfy that the family got the idea for the video after seeing the Disney site Chip and Co. post a video of people making their own Splash Mountain at home. Her mom posted the video online, and soon people requested the family take on the trend for themselves.

“Her friends all commented, ‘We totally see you guys making one.’ So, we took it as a challenge. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of our favorite rides,” Brin told Syfy. Soon the video blew up, garnering thousands of views on YouTube and Twitter.

“We figured we would just have our friends and family get a kick out of it,” Brin said. “It only took us about an hour-and-a-half to put everything together. We shot it on our phones and I edited in my phone as well!”

And the trend hasn’t ended with the Thornock family. Chip and Co. also posted a video of comic Jenny Lorenzo where she made her own version of the Haunted Mansion ride at home. So what will we have next? Um, I vote Space Mountain! You’re doing to need a lot of Christmas lights…

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