Aldi Has Pepperoni Pizza On A Pretzel Crust And Drizzled With Hot Honey

Aldi tends to do things a little differently than other grocery stores, which is partly why it’s built up such a massive fan base. The chain regularly rolls out ridiculously amazing goods like 7-Up pound cake and everything croissants, and now there’s a new offering that seems destined for the Aldi Hall of Fame: honey-drizzled pepperoni pizza on a pretzel crust.

Just let that sink in for a moment…

The new dish is from Aldi’s Mama Cozzi’s line and it was spotted on shelves by Instagram account @TheAmazingAldi, who as just was stoked about it as we are. “I’m pretty excited to try this Hot Honey Pizza!! Let me know if you’ve tried it!” they wrote in the caption.

Apparently honey pizza is already a thing, because plenty of people said in the comments that they’ve seen this (amazing) combo before. “I have not tried a frozen pizza from anywhere with that honey…But there is a local pizzeria that has honey pizza which is delicious,” one person wrote. “We just add hot honey to any pizza,” another savvy commenter said.

Someone else pointed out in the caption that this isn’t the only new frozen pizza Aldi rolled out lately: They also have a BBQ chicken version.

Don’t have an Aldi near you? Walmart’s Great Value brand actually has a hot honey pepperoni pizza on a pretzel crust, too, so there’s basically zero reason not to try this flavor combo.

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