Aldi Is Selling Mini Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches


When an ice cream craving strikes, sometimes you just want to have a lil something sweet instead of diving into an entire bowl of the stuff. That’s where Aldi’s new mini ice cream cookie sandwiches come into play.

The new sandwiches were spotted in the wild by Instagram account @AldiFavoriteFinds and they look like the perfect little treat just in time for warmer weather.

“Need an after dinner snack? Vanilla mini ice cream cookie sandwiches. Yes please!” they wrote in the caption.

As the name implies, the Vanilla Minis Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches are smaller than your average cookie sandwich. They feature real vanilla ice cream (so none of that “frozen dairy dessert” business here) sandwiched between two layers of chocolate cookies for a classic mix of vanilla and chocolate.

These are just 60 calories a serving and they come 12 to a box…which in my book, means eat the whole box. Maybe?

People were pretty excited in the comments. “Need! Want!” one person wrote. “They are so good, picked ours up Saturday,” someone else chimed in. Other fans helpfully pointed out that there’s no reason why you can’t have more than one at a time. That’s exactly what I’m saying!

Apparently these are so good, they’re already out of stock at some Aldi locations. Luckily, Aldi usually sells Mad Minis ice cream sandwiches, too, which are pretty similar. Or you can break up a big ice cream sandwich into smaller pieces I guess…right?

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