Keebler Sells Strawberry Shortcake Fudge Stripes

By the time summer rolls around, everyone’s already in the mood for the light fruity flavors that come with it. Limited edition foods always seem to have subtle hints of fruit for the season (lemon Tastykakes, for one). The same goes for Fudge Stripes cookies, apparently, because there is a new strawberry shortcake version of the beloved snack.

The original Fudge Stripes cookies are obviously a fan favorite, but the cookie has had many creative iterations over the years. Keebler has made Fudge Stripes cookies with blue frosting in honor of the Despicable Me movies, unicorn Fudge Stripes that taste like cupcakes, and so many more seasonal flavors like cinnamon roll, peppermint, and pumpkin spice.

Now, the strawberry shortcake cookies have been spotted at Walmart by @Snackgator, who is fairly certain this flavor is brand new. “When we saw these, we had to check the package twice because these aren’t the Strawberry Cheesecake that came out a few years ago. These are Strawberry SHORTCAKE!” the caption read.

Although the packaging doesn’t have much information, we can gather from the photo the cookie itself will be a shortbread-type flavor, and rather than fudge, the stripes will be strawberry-centric. The package does have the “special batch” label on it, meaning these cookies won’t be around forever and are probably just a spring and summer product. So! If these sound like something you’d enjoy, make sure you get them ASAP if you happen to see them on shelves!

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