Aldi Is Selling Tiramisu And Jamaican Rum Loaf Cakes



It should be way more socially acceptable to eat cake for breakfast. Nothing pairs better with coffee, it’s full of all sorts of carbs and sugar to keep you going all day long (a truly balanced breakfast, IMO), and it just makes me happy, OK? Now, Aldi is offering a few different kinds of loaf cakes that you’ll want to crack into every morning.

These were spotted by Instagrammer @aldifavoritefinds (who agrees with me on the beauty of cake for breakfast!) during German week at the retailer. They go by the name Deutsche K├╝che Liqueur Cakes, but we just call them perfection.

The cakes come in a few different varieties like Tiramisu, as well as Jamaican Rum, and Amaretto. They’ve been occasionally gracing Aldi’s shelves since at least 2012, when the blog Ain’t Found A Good Title Blog (which is an excellent name, btw) gave the Jamaican Rum version a sterling review. They described it like a pound cake but richer and even more delicious.

If the comments on the Instagram are any indication, the Jamaican Rum cake is still the clear winner all these years later.

“The Jamaican Rum cake is amazingly delicious!” one person noted. “I grabbed an amaretto one but maybe I need the jamaican rum one as well?” another said.

You can pick any of these cakes up at your local Aldi for $2.99, but you should know that because they’re an Aldi Find, they won’t be sticking around for too much longer, so hurry. Your breakfast depends on it!

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