Aldi Sells Funnel Cake Making Kits



Chances are you’ve been getting a little bit creative in the kitchen these days while spending your time at home, whether you’re a beginner baker or a seasoned chef. No matter what you’ve been cooking, Aldi has a funnel cake set that comes with everything you’ll need to make it at home.

We can all agree that funnel cakes are the best food you can get at any carnival or amusement park (it’s right up there with turkey legs!) so being able to make them at home is a game-changer. This kit from Aldi comes with the mix and the pitcher you’ll use for pouring the batter out in the swirly design of a funnel cake.

The kit goes for $2.69 at Aldi and was seen by @aldi.mademedoit on Instagram. Funnel cake mix is really similar to pancake mix, so once you use up the mix it comes with, you can still make funnel cakes using the pitcher again and again.

Of course, for a proper carnival-grade funnel cake I’d suggest you have some fun toppings on hand like powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, and fresh fruit. You can get a little crazy with add-ons like Hot Cheetos if you’re really feeling spunky—Disneyland has done it, so it’s, like, totally a thing.

Aldi’s funnel cake supplies will run you just a couple bucks, so you might as well try your hand at a DIY carnival treat, right? Maybe even have a carnival-themed dinner at home to liven things up a bit? Simply put, you totally need to try this thing out.

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