I’ve been to a lot of theme parks and I’ve eaten a lot of theme park food—you know this by now, yes? So you can trust I know what I’m talking about when it comes to whether or not I can, in good conscience, recommend you head to a park solely to eat. I was unsure about Valencia, CA’s, Magic Mountain at first, you guys. I really was. But I was pleasantly surprised by all the fresh and fun Cali food hiding amongst all the coasters. Here’s what you need to eat the next time you stop by.


Meatless Meatball Sandwich; Twisted ‘Wiches

All parks everywhere are taking stabs at vegan-friendly food in a way they haven’t historically, and this Six Flags park is no different. This meat-free sub is doused in sweet and salty tomato sauce and served to you on a hoagie so big, you won’t even miss the protein.


Chef’s Sampler; Food Etc.

Did I want to eat this theme park sushi? No. Was I blown away at how crisp and fresh and refreshing it was? Absolutely, I was. The chef’s sampler plate allows you to try all of the park’s sushi offerings (and is big enough to share with, like, many friends). Plus, the whole thing comes topped with slices of avocado. California! Wild!


French Fry Skillet; Full Throttle Sports Bar

Cheese, potatoes, bacon, scallions, heat. What else do I need to say?


Oreo Funnel Cake; Funnel Cake Factory

The first amusement park funnel cake I’ve had where the funnel cake itself may not have been the star of the show! Come for the fried dough, stay for the white chocolate fudge Oreo glaze sweeping over the piles of super rich soft serve.


Strawberry Shortcake Thrill Shake; Plaza Ice Cream

While it looks overwhelming, the park’s most famous Thrill Shake is actually easily to dismantle. Once you crush the Pop-Tart piece, you can easily make your way through the strawberry ice cream pop and graham cracker-laden base. It is a marvel, y’all. A pretty, pretty pink marvel.


Turkey Leg; Ace O’ Clubs

Listen. I’m never excited to eat a turkey leg, but I was excited to find that once I got into this one, it was juicier and much more tolerably smokey than others I’d tried. What a protein-packed snack (?) for the keto people in the crowd.


Buñuelos; Twin Charged Tacos

Oh god. These cinnamon sugar chips that were doused in caramel were so, so sweet and so, so fun to eat. Share them with your coaster crew or house the whole plate solo as a pre-scary ride snack. Either works!


Bacon Chocolate Apple; Coaster Candy

It’s…the most popular caramel apple at the park’s candy shop. It’s…so big. It’s…all you’ve ever dreamed of.

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