All The Things You Can Eat And Drink At Disneyland’s New Avengers Campus


David Nguyen/Disneyland Resort

Disneyland has been teasing the opening of a Marvel-themed land for awhile now and it certainly has Avengers fans on their toes, especially because it’s slated to open this year. Now, we just got a brand new look at what the park will look like and, more importantly, what we’ll be eating there.

The Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park will feature a quick-service restaurant, a “tasting lab” with cocktails, a shawarma cart, and a treats stand, according to

First up is The Pym Test Kitchen. It features all sorts of over-the-top foods that are fit for a superhero. The whole concept of the restaurant is a “size-adjusting particle,” which means the foods are crazy sizes.

Avengers Campus Food & Beverage – Experiment No. IP42: Quantum Pretzel

David Nguyen/Disneyland Resort

You’ll want to be super hungry for Experiment No. IP42: Quantum Pretzel. It’s basically a massive, 14-inch pretzel with sides of mustard and beer cheese for dipping. But that’s enough for me!

Avengers Campus Food & Beverage – Experiment No. EE90: Not So Little Chicken Sandwich

David Nguyen/Disneyland Resort

Next up is Experiment No. EE90: Not So Little Chicken Sandwich. The name is an understatement, this thing is MASSIVE. It’s made up of a huge piece of fried chicken with teriyaki and red chili sauces, pickled cabbage slaw, and it comes with a side of vegetable-dusted potato bites.

These are just a few of the items you can find there (you can check out the rest on!), but we have to move on to the good stuff: the cocktails!

Avengers Campus Food & Beverage – Pym Tasting Lab Beverages

David Nguyen/Disneyland Resort

You can take a seat at Pym Tasting Lab next door with tons of beer, specialty cocktails, and bar snacks. Some notable ones include the X-Periment, made of Patron Silver Tequila, lime, habanero, and mango syrup, topped with mango popping pearls and the PARTICLE FIZZ made with Endless Summer, Hard Seltzer with cherry-flavored pearls.

Fans can find two different types of shawarma, including one plant-based option, at the shawarma cart, which is a nod to the delicious food the Avengers fell for while in New York.

Avengers Campus Food & Beverage – Sweet Spiral Ration

David Nguyen/Disneyland Resort

Last up is Terran Treats which is serving up Sweet Spiral Rations, AKA rounded churros in bright colors, as well as the Cosmic Cream Orb, a stylized cream puff filled with raspberry cheesecake mousse.

The park is set to open on July 18 and if this made you as hungry reading it as it made me writing it, you’ll want to book your tickets now.

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