Animal Shelters Seek People to Foster Pets Amid Coronavirus Fear

If you’ve ever thought about fostering a pet, now is the time to do it. Animal shelters across the country have put out messages asking people to consider becoming pet fosters to prepare for any impact coronavirus may have on their ability to take care of the animals.

In an effort to avoid spreading the virus, some shelters have closed and canceled events. With no way for potential new owners to actually meet the pets, fewer are being adopted. Obviously, it’s not possible for animal shelter staff to work from home. As people get sick or self-quarantine, it’s crucial for shelters to get help. The main goal is to keep numbers low, especially for open admission shelters that can’t control how many animals they take in.

“The less animals we have in house, the more we can reduce our kennel staff workforce, which reduces exposure,” Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia wrote in a Facebook post about their closure. “The goal here is to keep our human and pet populations safe.”

Shelters all over have asked people to consider fostering pets in cities including New York City; Austin, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago; Memphis, Tennessee, and more. Some locations are even waiving adoption fees should you decide to provide a forever home.

There’s no evidence that pets can get or spread COVID-19, but the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention recommends not interacting with pets if you are sick. If you’re healthy and in need of company while you practice social distancing, consider giving an animal a temporary home. It would surely be a comforting win-win.

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