Arylex Herbicides

The Arylex herbicide, the basis of a new line of personalized products, gives farmers extreme control over a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds with small doses. These products cover various types of crop to meet the needs of the farmer and assist in crop rotation.


In the global cereal market, Dow AgroSciences is undoubtedly the leading company, thanks to its ability to develop four of the main active ingredients in cereal herbicides, including 2,4-D, fluroxipyr , Florasulam and pyroxsulam. DAS provides grain producers with a large number of products formulated to dominate the emergence and development of broadleaf weeds in winter and spring cereals.

Arylex is available in a variety of formulations with the DAS proprietary active ingredients to give effective herbicides to the cultivator of cereal, flexible and easy to use.

Paradigm Herbicide with Arylex Active

  • The Pixxaro herbicide combines two active ingredients, Arylex and Florasulam, in a WG premix formulation (Arylex 200 g ae / kg + florasulam 200 g ma / kg). With the pixxaro herbicide it is possible to obtain advanced post-emergence control over a wide spectrum of problematic broadleaf weeds, including Lamium amplexicaule, Malva rotundifolia, Stellaria media, Galium aparine, Polygonum persicaria and Polvgonum convolvulus. Currently this herbicide is only registered in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. This Herbicide with Arylex Active. This potent herbicide is currently available in Mexico and Canada. Australia is expected to register for 2017.

Herbicida Quelex with Active Arylex

  • It is an essential herbicide against a broad spectrum of broadleaf weed attacking spring and winter cereals. Its formulation combines two active ingredients, Arylex and Florasulam, in a WG premix formulation (Arylex 100 g ae / kg + florasulam 100 g ma / kg + cloquintocet-acid 70 g ma / kg) with a favorable environmental profile. The herbicide Quelex provides advanced post-emergence control over a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds causing problems in cereal cultivation, among them, Descurainia sophia, Capsella bursa-pastoris, Stellaria media, Galium aparine, Geranium spp. And Conzya spp. The herbicide Quelex is currently registered in the United States and China. In Israel, this product is registered as Classico herbicide.

Zypar Herbicide with Arylex Active

  • Zypar is an effective herbicide against a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds that attack winter and spring cereal cultivation. In its formula combines two active ingredients, Arylex and Florasulam in a premix formulation OD (Arylex 6 g ae / L + florasulam 5 g ia / L + cloquintocet-mexilo 6 g ma / L). This herbicide provides advanced post-emergence control over a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds, including Matricaria spp, Galium aparine, Stellaria media, Papaver rhoeas, Geranium spp., Centaurea cyanus, Brassica spp., Lamium spp. Fumaria officinalis, Polygonum convolvulus, Chenopodium album and Galeopsis tetrahit. Today, this herbicide is registered in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Norway and Sweden with registrations expected in many other European Union countries before the end of 2017.

Herbicides of burning

Of the 60 million hectares of Soy in South America, 99% are burned herbicides, thus facilitating the work of farmers to sow the crop on clean land and, thus, to ensure yield. Conyza spp. Is resistant to glyphosate and today covers about 22 million hectares in South America. The herbicide Texaro with Arylex faces this week safely.

 Herbicide Texaro with Arylex Active

  • This potent herbicide is formulated with a WDG premix that fuses Arylex 110g ae / kg + diclosulam 580g ma / kg to provide advanced post and pre-emergence control of Conyza spp. Texaro is currently registered in Argentina and Uruguay for soybeans.

 Canola seeds

Dow AgroSciences is the leading company in the European market for canola herbicides, thanks to its five active ingredients registered, aminopyralid, piclorame, haloxyfop, clopyralid, and propyzamide. DAS provides farmers with a wide range of products formulated to keep under control broadleaf weeds and canola seed herbs in the winter and spring, including Galera, Runway, Lontrel, Navigator, Astrokerb, Ielo, Gallant and Curb. The Arylex herbicide for canola seeds is an important addition to this portfolio of products, strengthening the spectrum of control of more problematic weeds.

Arylex will soon be available in different co-formulations along with other assets from DAS to provide canola seed producers with effective and flexible control following the emergence of broadleaf weeds in autumn and spring. The first European records of canola are expected to be for 2017 and 2018.