‘Bachelor’ Fans Found Madison Prewett’s Wedding Pinterest Page

Let’s be real. Perusing the latest Bachelor spoiler theories is basically a staple of my week. This time, it’s alllll about Madison and whether or not her virginity pledge actually got in the way of her and Peter’s relationship IRL. Turns out, they might be totally fine and, um planning a freakin’ *wedding*. (Sorry Victoria stans.)

According to one curious Reddit user, Madison has been using Pinterest to flag ~trendy white outfits~ on her feed. This could be highly suspicious, since a lot of times people wear all white outfits to their bachelorette or wedding shower parties to signal that, ahem, *they’re the bride.* Are you convinced yet?



Apparently she pinned these images just four days ago, too. (Kk, I’m listening!) If you do a little more digging, you can see that she’s got an album dedicated to “bridal shower” content and “events” (these pics all seem pretty wedding-esque too, IMO). There’s also a look book dedicated to “proposals,” which may mean that she and Peter don’t get engaged on the show but rather, that there’s a big engagement surprise coming up sometime soon (like, maybe after they can go public with their relationship???).

When it comes to the actual wedding day, Madi has albums for the reception called “cake/food,” “stage” and “under patio.” So. Damn. Specific. She also just pinned a quote that says “your victory is around the corner.” A little too on-the-nose?

What does this mean for Monday’s finale episode, you ask? Well, maybe this is a sign that that Peter’s mom is actually crying to him about Madi after all. If so, Bachelor theorists thinks she leaves the show (at some point?) and it becomes Peter’s duty to bring her back (RIP Hannah Ann) (bring her home, Peter! *cries*). Some think that Peter’s mom doesn’t actually like Hannah Ann, so she begs Peter to go and pick Madi instead.

Okay then, I’m literally on the edge of my seat. Guess we’ll all need to wait until Tuesday to find out ~who Peter chooses~! *starts planning finale party ASAP*

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