Bagel Bites Has Mini Bagel Dogs And They’re Good

As most hot dog aficionados know, classic pigs in a blanket typically feature tiny franks wrapped in delicious crescent rolls. But Bagel Bites just took the standard formula and raised it one: They’ve launched pigs in a blanket that use bagel dough as the “blanket.”

They’re called Bagel Dogs, and they look ridiculously good…and ridiculous. Bagel Dogs were spotted in the wild by Instagram account @TheBoxedGoods, who even did a review of the snacks.

Bagel Bites Frozen Bagel Dogs 14oz


Bagel Bites Frozen Bagel Dogs 14oz

“They come in a silver tray of 12, but because I only heated 3 up I didn’t use the tray,” they wrote. “Let me tell you, this was love at first bite. This little dogs actually have a lot of flavor!!!! The bagel was a little tough but still yummy and flavorful.”

They only downside, @TheBoxedGoods says: “There was a big gap in between the bagel wrap and the dog.” Overall, @TheBoxedGoods gives Bagel Dogs an impressive 8.8 out of 10 rating.

Bagel Dogs don’t just taste good—they’re easy to make. According to the heating instructions, you can have ready-to-eat dogs after just 12 minutes in the oven or toaster oven or after nearly two minutes in the microwave.

Want to get your hands on these little dogs? They’re not super new so they’re pretty easy to find! They’re currently available at Walmart, Target, and Sam’s Club, where they’ve racked up some impressive reviews. “If you purchase these once you’ll instantly get hooked. I love these bagel dogs!!!” one person wrote.“These bites are delicious!” another said.

Worth noting: Nothing elevates movie night like hot dogs wrapped in a bagel and served on a silver tray.

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