Be Alert – Choose Halal Gelatin

So, are you being alert enough all this while about what you eat whether it’s halal or not? Or you just take things easy, thinking everything is going to be okay. Maybe you just ignore it and wishing it will go away so you can sleep well all through the night. Well, my friends…one thing for sure it is always at the back of your head. You just don’t want to think about it, you just telling yourself it’s nothing. All the food I take is Halal!

Hmm…sometimes, it’s much easier if we just choose to eat only fish or eggs right? Or maybe just vegetables because it’s halal and you don’t have to worry about anything else anymore. But for how long? After a day or two, you start looking for chicken, beef etc… Then you starts to wonder again, whether it’s slaughtered according to the Islamic law… Somehow, your mind will still be curious, wondering whether it’s halal or not. You can always ignore it and just eat it whatever you like. But those thought that always haunting you, “Am I taking prohibited food?, it’s unlawful food but why do I still eat it? …the gelatin is produce from pig fats, derived from pig bones! Did I eat the pig fats all these years?” Oh God Almighty!

What about desserts? Ever wonder whether it’s halal or not? I must say this my friends, 90% of ingredients in any desserts, used GELATIN. And most of the gelatin are made from pigs and if it’s from a cow, it is unsure whether it’s been slaughtered according to Islamic law or not. The productions of cakes, puddings, ice cream, jelly, frozen salad, chocolates, gums and many-many more delicious desserts, used GELATIN FROM PIGS because it’s a lot cheaper from cow!!!

Be Alert! Be Alert! …Owner of any muslim restaurant around the world, please!, please! BE MORE RESPONSIBLE towards this matter!. The chef, you must know whether what you’re serving is halal or not. You may be serving just a simple puddings or a slices of cakes or even a scoop of ice cream for desserts, but big responsible towards Islam law, lies in your hands! Don’t just acting like everything is okay. Be Alert…choose halal gelatin!

Mothers, housewives please BE MORE RESPONSIBLE towards your family!. Be Alert of what you eat, recognised the food that you serve to your family. Always ask yourselves, is it halal?. You need to be sure what you are serving to your family or your childrens. It has to be hygiene, lawful and HALAL!…

Now, you starts feeling worry already after you have discovered that all the desserts you have been eating all these years is unlawful food isn’t it? YES! You have to be worry, you have to feel uneasy right now! It’s for the good of your family.

BUT, worry no more! The solutions for this is very simple. It’s in the front of you, just choose…halal gelatin. Of course you have to cook yourselves. Well at least you know that you are serving halal food for your family or maybe wherever you go, just sponsor the chef with the halal gelatin. So now you have done Islamic law requirement for being a true muslim. You know how big the sacrifice is that? Well think again though…as for now, “BE ALERT…CHOOSE HALAL GELATIN!”

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