Biscoff Cookies Stuffed With Non-Dairy Cream Are Coming To The U.S.

The beloved Biscoff cookie is getting yet another upgrade right after the announcement that Biscoff ice cream bars are on their way to grocery stores near you. Now, the cookie will be available in three different cream-filled flavors at Walmart and, better yet, the filling is vegan-friendly.

The new cookies, which are rumored to launch sometime this week, are said to be a Walmart-exclusive product. From the looks of it, these will be a sandwich-style cookie made with Biscoff layers and a cream filling. Think Oreos—but Biscoff instead of chocolate wafers. Three different versions of the sweet will be available: vanilla, cookie butter, and milk chocolate. These flavors refer to the cream filling inside.

@Markie_Devo posted on Instagram about the new product with information he received from a Walmart worker. Each package comes with 15 cookies total and will retail for $1.98. It’s unclear if these cookies will be available through Walmart online, so it may be better to check your store in-person if possible.

Vegan lifestyle site Live Kindly also caught wind of the new Biscoff cookies and wrote that the inside filling is vegan-friendly. The cream is apparently dairy-free, making it a good vegan sweet for those who can get a hold of it.

There’s no telling when exactly these cookies will hit Walmart shelves, but it’s likely that once they do, they’ll be a hot commodity. It can be a challenge to find all of the Belgian Biscoff products in the United States, so if you see these at your grocery store there’s no harm in picking up a package…or five.

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