Buy Almond Green Tea From Tea ‘n’ Things

Buy Almond Green Tea From Tea ‘n’ Things

Are you looking for a green tea boost? The Almond Cookie green tea from Tea ‘nThings is the best of the best.It is pure, nutty, and utterly indulgent. Our almonds are carefully selected from the best almond groves around the world.

Our Almond Green Tea will allow you to enjoy freshly-roasted almond goodness in every cup. This is a herbal tea that has a divine, sweet and nutty aroma that you will enjoy throughout the day. It is one of our best selling herbal teas.

If you are a fancy green tea (and why not?), nothing can be better than our Almond Green Tea (Almond Cookie). The tremendously beneficial health qualities of tea are well known. Countless studies have been conducted showing tea as being heart-healthy; extremely high in antioxidants that destroy free-radicals that cause so much damage; and good for the cardiovascular system as well.

Buy herbal green tea online today and give your taste buds a special treat of our flavor-packed Almond Cookie green tea. What more would anyone want from their cup of tea?

Just like lemons, almonds amplify the flavor of your tea in an instant. A variety of our almond teas are infused with these powerful nuts resulting in winning flavor combinations that will leave you feeling satisfied. Our almond teas taste delicious and fresh, whether served hot or cold.

You can also try our delicious Herbal Tisanes, blending almonds. For example, our Roasted Almond herbal tea will allow you to discover exciting, new flavors that you will surely love. If you prefer a Rooibos Tea, Coconut Almond is an excellent, delicious blend. The Rooibos element provides, high antioxidants, with low acid and absolutely no caffeine. It is also excellent for stomach issues and cold prevention.

If you are looking for flavor-packed teas, our almond teas will not disappoint. The distinct nutty flavor of warm almonds is something that you can get used to easily. Almond tea is not just ideal for holiday time. Almond teas are perfect for every season and the herbal or rooibos teas can be enjoyed even at bedtime. There is never a bad time to brew yourself one of our delightfully invigorating, indulgent, and refreshing almond tea. whether it be a green tea, herbal tea or rooibos.

Health Benefits of Almonds

It is often recommended to eat almonds whenever you are on a diet, because they are nutritious and low in calories. Our almond teas have effective weight loss properties for those who want to lose or maintain their weight. When combined with an active and healthy lifestyle, our almond teas can help to boost your cardiovascular health, support the digestive and immune systems, and lower the risks of developing type-2 Diabetes. They are so tasty they can even be perfect dessert alternative. It is also the perfect calorie-free, and delicious dessert alternative you can always have without any guilt.

When you buy our Almond Green Tea (Almond Cookie), you can be confident that it is: Low calorie Naturally hydrating and very tasty. It is a customer favorite! Both the herbal almond (Roasted Almond) and rooibos almond (Coconut Almond) teas are also caffeine free. All our almond tea has the great aromatic fragrance of sweet almonds that will delight all your senses. You can buy green almond tea online at Tea ‘n Things.

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