Candida Diet Breakfast Ideas – What to Eat on the Anti-Candida Diet For Breakfast

Candida Diet Breakfast Ideas – What to Eat on the Anti-Candida Diet For Breakfast

Are you looking for some great candida diet breakfast ideas? If so then today I have some suggestions for you with what to eat on the anti-candida program. Best of all these are easy to make, and they all taste great. The other key to understanding is that breakfast as seen by most people commits virtually every error that the candida diet plan intends to avoid so it can definitely be a challenge.

#1 – Hot Cereals: Get used to quinoa, millet, buckwheat or brown rice flakes mixed with hot water. Not only do these foods digest well, but they are OK for most people on the candida diet to eat and they’re easy to make! Most health stores or even supermarkets with health sections will carry these hot cereals. To add flavour you can add stevia with a little bit of Himalayan sea salt, this will not only add flavour but additional nutrition to the meal.

#2 – Green Apples/Lemons/Grapefruit: Again those on the early stages of the diet may not be able to eat these foods, but for many green apples, lemons, limes and grapefruit are a great way to start the day without breaking any rules.

#3 – Soup: Who said that soup can’t be for breakfast? There are so many options on this diet with wild rice and chicken, pea soups, lentil soups, quinoa with vegetables and broth. Best of all you’ll have a supply of food waiting for you at lunch time as well!

#4 – Quinoa Pancakes: There are many grain alternatives which can be made into pancakes or waffles. There’s buckwheat flour, quinoa flour, millet flour, pea flour etc. You can also use egg replacer in some cases if organic eggs are an issue for you. Like always you can sprinkle on stevia, inulin, xylitol and sea salt for additional flavour. Coconut oil also does well on this.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be the fatty, sugary meal that most people have come to associate with. You’ll find quickly that eating this way not only eliminates candida but many other health issues you weren’t even aware were impacting you throughout the day because of it!

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