Cast Iron Hibachi BBQ Grill From BBQ Guys

Cast Iron Hibachi BBQ Grill From BBQ Guys

There are many manufacturers and models of hibachi grills in the market. The sheer number of grills to choose from can leave a person confused and overwhelmed. If you are looking for a cast iron hibachi which can be relied upon to produce nothing but delicious and healthy food, here is something useful. This article is all about the cast iron hibachi BBQ grill from BBQ guys. Hopefully after you finish reading this you can decide if you will get or if you will look for something else.

This grill features two cooking grids which can be positioned on several ways independently. Each of the grid has a measurement of 9 x 15 inches. The combined cooking area measures 10 x 18 inches. This gives you a total of 181 inches of cooking area. This weighs 19 pounds which makes it lighter than most hibachi grills for sale today. This is reasonable priced at only $30. It is made of cast iron and the adjustable cooking grates make cooking different types of food like steak, meat and fish very easy.

Because of its portability, this grill is perfect for outdoor activities like picnics and cookouts. Bringing it long with you on camping trips is not a burden. Just because you are in the outdoors does not mean that you cannot enjoy perfectly grilled food.

The drawback about this product is it is manufactured in China so a lot of people question the quality and the durability. Assembly is also a little difficult and it might also take some time. The instructions can get a little confusing and they are very likely to cause you headaches too.

This is a cast iron hibachi which is a little low in quality compared to other brands and models which are high-end. The modest price tag, however, is just what you would be willing to pay for a hibachi like this.

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