Char a Bear With This Coleman Portable Gas Grill

Char a Bear With This Coleman Portable Gas Grill

With 285 sq. in. of cooking surface and 20,000 BTU of pure flame the Coleman Roadtrip Grill is the first team all star of portable gas grills.

The newer LXE models have sturdy scissor legs that collapse the entire grill into a suitcase size package that can fit into a compact car trunk. There’s even a handle so you can roll the grill across the parking lot or to that remote picnic spot as easily as a stewardess rolls hers overstuffed suitcase through the airport.

The Roadtrip Grill is 31 inches high when extended. The ideal grilling height. And only 13 inches tall, 36 inches wide and 22 inches deep when it’s collapsed. The overwhelming majority of customer reviews from Amazon and eOpinions feel that the Roadtrip is plenty stable and sturdy in cooking form. A real plus for a grill that’s so portable and so powerful.

Set up takes only a second and you have a household size gas grill ready to feed a starving crowd. The extended legs are remarkably sturdy so you don’t even have have to worry about overloading the grill with that bear meat. Two handy side trays slide out for preparation and storage so you won’t need to drag along that extra table anymore.

Porcelain coated cast iron grillplates have open slits so steaks and burgers cook over open flame for that unique grilling taste. When the need arises you can swap the grillplates for a full size griddle to show your short order expertise in rustling up the best bacon, eggs and pancakes in the campground. There’s even an optional stove grate that can take your biggest pot for an unforgettable New England Clam Bake.

The Roadtrip uses 16.4 ounce propane cylinders that are available at most campground stores. The unit will run full blast on high for about 2.1 hours and up to 4.5 hours on the lowest setting on one cylinder. Coleman provides an optional 5 foot high pressure gas house that hooks the Roadtrip up to a 20 pound propane gas tank for many more hours of high usage.

Lots of people buy their first Coleman Roadtrip Grill after surveying the competition in the tailgate parking lot or at the campgrounds. Nobody likes having second class gear when your grilling reputation is on the line.

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