Chick-Fil-A Is Selling Bottles Of Signature Sauce

It doesn’t matter what your go-to Chick-fil-A order is because it’s all about the sauce. Chick-fil-A’s signature sauce is something that unites chicken nugget eaters with those chicken sandwich lovers, and now we’ll all be able to buy bottles of it (and Polynesian sauce!) at grocery stores. This is the best news I’ve heard in months.

At the moment, the signature sauce and Polynesian sauces are the only two that will be sold in 16-ounce bottles. They’ll be on shelves in Florida locations of Publix, Target, Walmart, and Winn-Dixie and will go for about $3.49 starting in April.

The signature sauce—a tangy combo of honey mustard and barbecue sauce—will be perfect on the side of your homemade chicken sandwiches and the slightly sweet Polynesian sauce will be great to have on hand when you inevitably don’t get enough of the little packets in the bag with your to-go order. Hey, it happens to the best of us!

Again, as of now, the sauce bottles will only be available in Florida, and and some Florida Chick-fil-A locations will offer the fast food chain’s signature, Polynesian, Barbecue, Honey Mustard, and Garden Herb Ranch sauces in eight-ounce bottles on-site and with catering orders.

Bottle sales will profit the Chick-fil-A scholarship fund for employees, and if we’re lucky, the sale of them will expand to other states soon enough. Come through for us, Chick-fil-A!

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