Chipotle Has Free Delivery Through The End Of March

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, people are being encouraged to avoid large crowds and stay inside when possible, especially those most at risk. Because of this, delivery is being expected to be in huge demand, so more and more companies are making changes to try and keep people safe.

Chipotle just announced it’s offering free delivery from March 15 to 31, though it did not specifically name coronavirus in its announcement. To qualify for free delivery, all you have to do is spend a minimum of $10 on orders placed through or the Chipotle app.

Chipotle is also taking measures to keep patrons safe. Tamper evident seals will be added to all packages to ensure that food is secure as it’s being delivered. You can also add delivery instructions to create an order with more limited contact (for example, having the delivery person leave it outside your door).

Non-delivery customers can also take advantage of Chipotlanes at participating locations, where you can pick up mobile orders from the comfort of your own car.

In addition, Chipotle also just announced a delivery tracker that shows step-by-step, real-time updates, so customers will know exactly what to expect.

Because delivery will likely be so high in demand though, it’s important to practice patience and care if you do decide to have meals delivered or go pick them up yourself. Wash your hands, don’t answer the door if you’ve been sick, and as always, tip well!

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