Chocolate Choco Tacos Are Being Spotted Back In Stores

Klondike’s beloved Choco Taco has been around for quite a while, so you likely know what you’re getting when you dive into one: There’s a waffle cone “taco” shell, vanilla ice cream in the center, a sprinkling of peanuts, and chocolate coating on top.

While that formula is pretty epic on its own, at some point Klondike introduced Chocolate Choco Tacos—and then cruelly yanked them away. Well, big news, everybody: Chocolate Choco Tacos are back, and they look as delicious as ever.

Instagram account @DadBodSnacks spotted one of these white whales at 7-Eleven. “The Chocolate Choco Taco has returned!! After a long hiatus away, the all-chocolate ice cream version of the beloved Choco Taco by @klondikebar has popped up at @7eleven,” they wrote. “Maybe this isn’t huge news to you, but it is to me. I have a nostalgic nerve for these suckers, so I’m VERY happy. Are you??”

People were pretty excited in the comments. “Love these, but haven’t seen them in years,” one person wrote. “Oh man… these are my childhood OGs,” another said. “Dang… love these things! 🙌🏻,” someone else chimed in.

While this might seem like it was just a one-off, we have some great news: It looks like we might be dealing with an all-out Chocolate Choco Taco resurrection here! Klondike has the chocolate version featured on its website, and says that it’s been “reimagined” by Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Dale, FTW!) Just a heads up: You can only find it at 7-Eleven, so…you know what to do.

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