Chris Pratt Interrupted Katherine Schwarzenegger While She Baked

Katherine SchwarzeneggerInstagram

Social isolating for many of us means working in some pretty close quarters with our significant others and/or roommates. If you haven’t already discovered, it can lead to some pretty hilarious situations, something Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt discovered this weekend when she tried to do a little baking and her husband Chris Pratt decided to make an appearance.

It all started when Katherine took to her Instagram stories to make strawberry shortcake, as previously reported on by PEOPLE. She prefaced it by saying that fans might hear from Chris because he was playing golf in the background. When Chris asked Katherine to show him on camera, she initially declined because she had just set her camera up (let the woman work, Christopher!).

Katherine then showed an update on how much banana bread she and Chris had eaten from her last Instagram baking session in association with World Central Kitchen’s Recipes for the People. Shortly after, Chris popped his head in to give the “Fall In Love Banana Bread” (recipe from Sweet Laurel Bakery!) his stamp of approval.

“I’m here to attest that Katherine’s banana bread? Truly remarkable,” he said, while eating a slice: “I love it. I got a little giddy inside when she said both those loaves were for us. They’ll be gone in less than a day.”

Katherine DID caption the video “I love you,” so it was obviously all in good fun.

After that, Chris seemed to let Katherine carry on with the rest of her baking as she finished the Strawberry Shortcake recipe from The New York Times. She posted the results on her Instagram (lovingly acknowledging that Chris interrupted!) where plenty of people shared anecdotes about their own partners barging in on their baking.

“Our husbands are literally the same. I feel your pain girl,” one fan wrote with the laughing emoji.

“Girl, I commend you for the incredible patience you had for your ‘interrupting’ husband!!” another wrote, also using the laughing emoji.

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