Chrissy Teigen’s Wedding Cake Was A Carrot Cake

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to Twitter tangents, and last night she went on a real classic one. Chrissy noticed that a lot of people were baking her banana bread recipe while in quarantine (the baked good is totally having a moment right now) but said that carrot cake should get the same love. In fact, she loves carrot cake so much, that it was actually her and John’s wedding cake flavor.

She was tweeting about an undoubtedly delicious Southern Living carrot cake recipe (although we’re a little biased to our own). Chrissy explained that the moistness of carrot cake is what makes it so good and that we should totally trust her on this one because she considers herself a bit of an aficionado. “My wedding cake was a carrot cake, that’s my love for carrot cake,” she explained. She then shared photos to prove it.

“My wedding carrot cake #justiceforcarrotcake,” Chrissy wrote, along with a photo of the cake and another of her and John cutting into it. Of course, it wasn’t your average carrot cake at all…it was a four-tiered carrot cake decorated with frosting and floral arrangements that was definitely at least two feet tall.

Not that we can compete with the extravagance of her wedding cake, but Chrissy may be on to something. Carrot cake is another easy thing to try out in the kitchen while we’re all spending time at home, so you might as well add this to your to-do list. If you want something a little easier, this carrot cake bread will suffice. What Chrissy says, goes!

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